Kate Spade New York


Kate Spade New York Deco Dot 2.5 Q Kettle

The charming and cute black and white polka-dotted Kate Spade New York Deco Dot 2.5Qt Stove Top Kettle will help you quickly boil water to make a cup of tea, coffee or to add to baking and cooking recipes. The Kate Spade New York Kettle Deco Dot Kettle features a whistle that will chime once the water boils. The whistle is engraved with the quotation "whistle while you work". The cute and chic designed kettle is perfect for leaving out on display and adding a stylish and contemporary charm to your kitchen.

Featuring an enamel coated exterior, the Kate Spade New York Deco Dot Stove Top Kettle while it's core and interior is stainless steel.The Kate Spade New York Deco Dot kettle has a 2.5Qt capacity.

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