Kikkerland Bobino Key Clip

The Kikkerland Bobino Key Clip is a stylish, practical key clip. It's especially perfect for keeping track of your keys so that you can spot them at first glance. The clip can easily attach to the inside border of your purse or even a pocket of a zippered bag. It can also be easily spotted in a suitcase, a briefcase, and a backpack.

Keep your keys secured with the Kikkerland Bobino Key Clip. If you are often in a rush, you know the hassle of keeping track of keys. This clip makes it easy to always spot them when you place them on a counter as you walk in. The peace of mind you'll gain by knowing just where your keys are makes a big difference!

Sold individually, the Kikkerland Bobino Key Clip is available in a variety of colours including black, blue, green, pink, red and white. Please indicate your preferred colour upon purchase.

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