Bobino Medium Cord Wrap

It is nearly impossible to keep the cords organized and tangle-free when you own a number of different electronic devices. The Bobino medium cord wrap will help to make sure the cords do not become tangled and knotted, which in turn will reduce their wear and tear. The rubber and plastic composite combined with the unique design makes it easy to securely wrap and organize your cords. The bright colors will allow you to locate your device with just a quick glance into your backpack, purse, or gym bag. You will no longer find yourself frantically digging through your bag when you need your earbuds or MP3 player. The Bobino is the perfect answer for anyone who wants to stay organized in a unique fashion.

Sold individually, the Bobino Medium Cord Wrap is available in a variety of colours including black,  green, and white. Please indicate your preferred colour upon purchase.

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