Kikkerland Screwdriver Wood

Perfect for the handy man or woman in your life, the durable and convenient Kikkerland Wood Screwdriver is a multipurpose tool that will allow you to accomplish all your household tasks. Perfect for on the go, the compact hammer features at least 2 different bit heads. Keep the Kikkerland Wood Screwdriver in a glove compartment, in a desk drawer or handy by wherever it is most convenient for you and your home.

Made of steel and featuring a durable Beechwood handle, the Kikkerland Wood Screwdriver is available in two different sizes including:

  • The Long Kikkerland Screwdriver measures 6.7" x 0.8" x 0.8" and features a #1 and #2 Philips and a 3/16 and a 1/4 Flathead bit.
  • The Short Kikkerland Screwdriver measures 3.9" x 0.8" x 0.8" and features a #2 Philips and a 1/4 Flathead Bit.

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