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La Patisserie Cookie Sheet

Tired of cookies that stick to the pan when they’re ready for removal after cooling down? For perfect cookies that don’t stick after removal from the oven, you’ll want to bake your homemade cookies with the La Patisserie Cookie Sheet. Say goodbye to ruining your cookies when you bake them with this high-quality durable cookie sheet.

The La Patisserie Cookie Sheet is a non-stick solution for baking anything from cookies to hors d’oeuvres to perfection every time! Of course, in order to ensure complete perfection you’ll also have to time them.

The La Patisserie Cookie Sheet is made of heavy-gauge high-quality aluminized steel and ensures an even distribution of heat when baking in the oven. This cookie sheet is PFOA and PTFE free making it a food safe cookie sheet. The La Patisserie Cookie Sheet is conveniently dishwasher safe as well!


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