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La Patisserie


La Patisserie Non Stick 4" Mini Springform Pan

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La Patisserie Non Stick 4" Mini Springform Pan will allow you to make perfect individualized cakes for events and dinner parties. The size is also perfect to add as a topper to birthday cakes, and for making your own tiered wedding cakes.

Making any food can often be far less time consuming than the cleanup that is needed afterward. When you cook with cookware that allows the food to stick to the pan, the cleanup process can be extremely difficult. That is not true when you use this non-stick pan. With the non-stick metal of this elegant pan, you won't have to dread what comes after dinner. All you'll have to do is enjoy your meal. This pan allows foods to bake evenly, and it is a tough pan that can be used many times for many delicious, home-cooked meals that won't be followed by an hour of scraping and soaking.