Laguiole Knife Spreader

Inspired by the design of pocket knives used by French shepherds two centuries ago, the Laguiole Spreaders are breathtakingly beautiful and delightful to use. Each piece represents the pinnacle of workmanship that sets Laguiole knives apart. The Laguiole Spreaders are ideal for spreading butters, jams or creamy and delightful soft cheeses like brie on crusty slices of baguette.

Handcrafted in Laguiole, France, and made from the highest quality stainless steel, each piece features a coloured resin handle and the trademark Laguiole Bee on the side of the bolster. Select from a wide array of colors, including Anthracite black, kiwi green, red, Provence sky blue, violet purple, white and mustard yellow.




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