Maison Berger


Maison Berger 500ml Fragrance, Orange Extreme

Add the refreshing and delightful scent of the Maison Berger Orange Extreme to your home. The energizing scent of the Maison Berger Orange Extreme Fragrance is crafted with green and zesty notes for a unique fresh and bold scented atmosphere. The Maison Berger Orange Extreme Fragrance combines citrus and green notes, which is softened by a blend of vanilla and woody notes.  Not only will the Maison Berger Orange Extreme Fragrance create a welcoming and inviting ambiance in your home, it will also get rid of unwanted scents. 

The Maison Berger Orange Extreme Fragrance comes in a 500ml bottle and offers 20 hours of diffusion time or 80 hours of fragrance.

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