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Maison Berger 500ml Fragrance, Radiant Bergamot

If you have pets, or have had your window shut all winter, your home may not smell as nicely as you desire. Perhaps you made fish or have fried garlic and onions and the aroma of the food lingers not only in the kitchen, but has wafted into the rest of the house as well. Eliminate odors and drive bad smells away with the Maison Berger 500ml Fragrance, Radiant Bergamot.

Bring the zesty and refreshing fragrances of the sunny Italian coast right into your home with the Maison Berger 500ml Fragrance, Radiant Bergamot. From the region of Calabria in the south of Italy, the bergamot orange  is a natural cross-breed of bitter orange and lime, and has been widely used in perfumery for its original and refreshing scent.

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