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Maison Berger 500ml Fragrance, Subtle Almond

If you have pets, or have had your window shut all winter, your home may not smell as nicely as you desire. Perhaps you made fish or have fried garlic and onions and the aroma of the food lingers not only in the kitchen, but has wafted into the rest of the house as well. Eliminate odors and drive bad smells away with the Maison Berger 500ml Fragrance, Subtle Almond.

The Maison Berger 500ml Home Fragrance, Subtle Almond is a unique and smooth fragrance that is perfect for creating a calm and inviting space in any room. Featuring notes of vanilla, hawthorn, and sandalwood, the Maison Berger 500ml Subtle Almond Home Fragrance is a naturally warm scent that is perfect for any time of the year. The Maison Berger 500ml Subtle Almond Fragrance offers up to 20 hours of diffusion time.

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