Maison Berger


Maison Berger Trianon Lamp

Add the classic and elegantly traditional look of the Maison Berger Trianon Lamp to your home. Perfect for lightly perfuming, while neutralizing and deodorizing the air in your home, The Maison Berger Trianon Lamp is ideal for getting rid of cooking scents, pet odours, and for refreshing your home before entertaining family, friends and guests. The traditional blue and white porcelain finish of the Maison Berger Trianon Lamp alludes to the 18th century boudoir look and its ornamental sweet jar shape and its white floral decorations gives the lamp a perfectly contemporary look to match your home.

Made of porcelain, the Maison Berger Trianon Lamp has a 440ml capacity and measures 5" (12.5cm) high. The Maison Berger Trianon Lamp is sold in an elegant gift box with 1 catalytic burner,  1 shiny silver metal mounting top, 1 stopper and 1 funnel.

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