Maison Berger


Maison Berger Zeline Lamp

Add the elegant and contemporary design of the Maison Berger Zeline Lamp to your home. The home fragrance lamp will allow you to neutralize and lightly perfume the air in your home. Ideal for kitchens after cooking, lighting when cleaning up the house, or simply getting your home ready to entertain, the Maison Berger Zeline will help you get rid of cooking scents, stale air and pet odours. The Maison Lamp was designed by David Boulange for Maison Berger and offers a tie-dye look that will look great in any room in our home.

Made of glass, the Maison Berger Zeline Lamp has a 316ml capacity and measures 5.7" (14.5cm) high. The Maison Berger Zeline Lamp comes with a wick burner, tin tulip mounting cap, snuffer and a funnel. The Maison Berger Zeline Lamp is available in green and burgundy.


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