Lampe Berger


Lampe Berger 500ml Home Fragrance, Gardens on the Riviera

If you have pets, or have had your window shut all winter, your home may not smell as nicely as you desire. Perhaps you made fish or have fried garlic and onions and the aroma of the food lingers not only in the kitchen, but has wafted into the rest of the house as well. Eliminate odors and drive bad smells away with the Lampe Berger 500ml  Fragrance, Gardens on the Riviera.

Take a stroll along the edges of the Mediterranean with the Lampe Berger Gardens of the Riviera Fragrance. With the Lampe Berger Gardens of the Riviera Fragrance you can almost feel the fresh breeze whispering among the brances of olive trees and fig leaves. The scent takes you right to Europe's Mediterranean coasts with notes of oak moss, and rose and citrus combining to create a scent that is fresh, green and woody. Let the sunny Mediterranean coast enter into your home with the Lampe Berger 500ml Fragrance, Gardens of the Riviera.  

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