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Maison Berger Catalytic Home Fragrance Lamp, Secret *Limited Edition*

From the design tables of fabled perfumer, Maison Berger, comes the Maison Berger Secret Fragrance Lamp Set. Both useful and beautiful, the limited edition Maison Berger Secret Fragrance Lamp combines the elegance of the past with the functionality of the present to create cleaner and fragrant air. Breathe fresh air, and display the artisan wares of storied firm, Maison Berger. Guaranteed to delight you, your family, and all your visitors, the Maison Berger Secret Fragrance Lamp makes an elegant statement in any room of your house while cleaning the air of contaminates.

The inspired geometric octagonal shape in a lacquered glass finish provides a feminine touch to any interior. Like a little Pandora Box, the Maison Berger Secret lamp is a perfect mother day's or housewarming gift. The gift set comes with the 250 Maison Berger Secret Lamp in violet or clear finish, a 180ml Timeless Rose frangrance bottle, the wick-burner, snuffer and funnel.  


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