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Maison Berger Ottago Red Lamp

From the iconic French perfume company Maison Berger, comes the functional and beautiful Maison Berger Ottago Red Lamp. Maison Berger has been designing and creating catalytic lamps and fragrances that purify and fragrance your home for over 100 years. Through diffusion by catalysis, the Maison Berger Ottago Red Lamp will circulate, purify and leave a subtle scent of your choice in your home. Simply fill your Maison Berger Ottago Red Lamp with one of the Maison Berger fragrance oils, insert the wick firmly into the lamp, light the Maison Berger for two minutes and place the vented cap on the lamp for 20 minutes.

The Maison Berger Ottago Red Lamp is made of glass and embodies a refined classic style. The Maison Berger Ottago Red Lamp has been designed in a geoemteric shape with red lacquer that decorates the bottom of the lamp. The Maison Berger Ottago Red Lamp combines the elegance with the functionality to create cleaner and fragrant air. Breathe fresh air, and display the artisan wares of storied firm, Maison Berger when you pick up the Maison Berger Ottago Red Lamp to display in your home. Guaranteed to delight you, your family, and all your visitors, the Maison Berger Ottago Red Lamp makes an elegant statement in any room of your house while cleaning the air of contaminants.The Maison Berger Ottago Red Lamp has a 250 ml capacity and measures 3.9". Includes wick-burner, round mounting, snuffer and funnel.

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