Lampe Berger


Lampe Berger Home Fragrance, Paris Chic

The aptly named Lampe Berger Paris Chic Home Fragrance gives your home a sophisticated scent like no other. It embodies smells that are reminiscent of the most upscale boutiques and exquisite botanical gardens of the revered city of Paris. Imagine a spring time excursion into the heart of the city's gardens. Close your eyes and let this scent provide an instant escape within your own home.

The Lampe Berger Paris Chic Home Fragrance has a clearly defined but delicate floral scent. It has a distinct smell of citrus as the start, yet has a full body smell of roses that make you feel as though you are literally within a rose garden. Soft musks and green notes are also included. This is an unforgettable fragrance.

500ml container.

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