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Lampe Berger


Lampe Berger Catalytic Fragrance Lamp Starter Kit, Cube

The pure, simple, and elegant Lampe Berger Starter Kit Cube comes with all the basics that you need to soon have a home that smells as wonderful as an exotic spa or tropical island. This boxed set introduces you to the joys of grand Lampe Berger Paris fragrances.

The lamp is a gorgeous glass cube that resembles a perfume bottle. In addition to the beautiful lamp, this Lampe Berger Starter Kit Cube includes the AIR PUR SYSTEM 3C® catalyic burner, a stopper, a funnel, and two fragrances (an Ocean Breeze fragrance and an Essential Neutral fragrance). Sampling two different fragrances to start will help you realize which types of scents you want to try in the future, too. This is an ideal set for yourself or as a gift for a friend.

  • Construction     Glass
    Dimensions 380ml Capacity and measures 16cm high

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