Lampe Berger


Lampe Berger Wick Burner

The Lampe Berger Wick Burner is the perfect solution for cleansing the indoor air in your home and providing an irresistibly delightful fragrance as well. It can completely transform your home from smelling unpleasant to being an inviting, fragrant oasis. Who wouldn't want to come for a visit when they are greeted by heavenly aromas? Gone are the days when you had to worry about unpleasant, sometimes unexpected pet odors or cooking smells lasting way too long.

Enjoy the Lampe Berger Wick Burner with fragrances from Lampe Berger Paris for optimal impact and odor elimination. Using the exclusive, high quality burner AIR PUR System 3C®, it gives your home a whole other level of awesomeness. It only takes 25 to 45 minutes of burn time for hours of scented bliss.


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