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Le Creuset 2L Saucier Pan

The biggest problem most cooks face when making gravy, sauces, or risotto is scorching. Some pans simply heat up too fast and the finished product is not what you expect. Enter the Le Creuset 2L Saucier Pan, designed exclusively for those dishes that need a slow heating pan to prevent any scorching or sticking.

The Le Creuser Saucier Pan is manufactured with enameled cast iron, which ensures a slower rise in temperature, making it warm up more evenly, allowing you to avoid unnecessary scorching. The Le Creuset Saucier Pan, is available in eight different colors, and has been elegantly finished to match your kitchen set decor.

The Le Creuset Saucier Pan has the look and feel of tempered glass, which adds to its overall beauty, but with the sturdy resistance granted only by an article made out of cast iron. It is also heavy enough that it won't tip or overturn easily during use, which makes it a very safe alternative to lighter pans. Its lid, topped with a heat resistant knob allows for easy removal without burns, which makes it one of the best investments of its kind.


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