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Le Creuset Berry Jam Jar

Making your own jam or preserves from fruit you have picked from your own garden is probably the crowning glory of all cooks. Because of this, you should not serve the delicacies you have so carefully prepared in just any container. Introducing the Le Creuset Berry Jam Jar, the perfect way to serve and store your jam.

The Le Creuset Jam Jar is designed specially for serving jam, and it includes a matching spreader for a complete setting. The Le Creuset Jam Jar is decorated with berries, which make it the nicest way to complement your breakfast table. The jar is durable and resistant and has a capacuty of 0.47L perfect for storing jams, jellies, and preserves. Give your family the best from your garden, in a gorgeous Le Creuset Berry Jam Jar that is sure to bring more than one smile to your table.

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