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Le Creuset


Le Creuset Cast-Iron Panini Press

Panini bread is not Panini bread if it’s not prepared with a Panini press in the quality of the Le Creuset Cast-Iron Panini Press! Preparing and baking homemade bread is no easy task, especially bread like Panini bread. That’s why when you’re daring enough to brave baking the delish Panini bread, you need a quality Panini press. The Le Creuset Cast-Iron Panini Press has been designed to last a lifetime cooks foods evenly to perfection.

Because of the fact that cast-iron absorbs heat gently, you’ll never burn your favorite foods with this press. You’ll discover even browning and cooking every time with the Le Creuset Cast-Iron Panini Press. Use it to cook and leave grill marks on burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, savory steaks, grilled chicken breasts, and much more!

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