Le Creuset


Le Creuset Gravy Boat

If you’ve gone to the trouble of preparing graving to serve along-side of a juicy turkey, steak, or chicken dinner, you need a Le Creuset Gravy Boat. Serving gravy in a gravy boat makes serving gravy easy, fun, stylish, and mess-free. Avoid spills and sloppy messes with the colorful and durable Le Creuset Gravy Boat.

The gravy boat’s featured wide-mouth has been carefully crafted and designed to perfection to prevent drips while pouring gravy and its featured handle is easy to handle and maneuver.

Made from high-quality stoneware with a featured glazed interior, cleaning the gravy boat is easy and the gravy boat is protected from scratches and cracking. It’s safe for oven use, microwave use, broiler use, and is safe for the dishwasher when it’s ready to be washed. The Le Creuset Gravy Boat has a 0.35L capacity.


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