Trudeau Maison Leon


Trudeau Maison Leon Bowls, 2 Piece Set

Allow little ones enjoy their favorite snacks, meals and desserts with the fun and bright Trudeau Maison Leon Bowl Set. The set of 2 sturdy small children bowls are ideal for serving all your kids favorite snacks like fruit, yogurt, vegetables, biscuits and so much more. The strong and durable plastic bowls with a matte exterior in light grey have smooth insides that make it easy for kids to serve themselves. The Trudeau Maison Leon Bowl Set is stackable for space saving storage or easy packing when travelling.

Made of food safe plastic, each of the set of 2 Trudea Maison Leon Bowl has a 295ml capacity and measures 7.8" (20 cm) in diameter x  2.4" (6 cm) high. The Trudeau Maison Leon Bowl is microwave and dishwasher safe.

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