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Light My Fire Lefty Spork, 2 Pack

The Light My Fire Spork Lefty 2 Pack is the perfect multi-purpose cutlery set that is customer designed for left-handed people! Lefty's know how difficult and awkward it can be to readjust while enjoying a meal. The left handed spork allows you to enjoy your meal without ever readjusting. Great for camping trips, work and school lunches! Made in Sweden, the Lefty Sporks are both durable and stylish with their retro feel and mid-century modern design.

Designed with praticality in mind, the cutlery sets are perfect for kids and adults alike. The vibrant colors make mealtime fun for any age group. Save on dishes and room in lunchboxes with the dual knive and fork design! The Light My Fire Spork Left 2 Pack is made of non-toxic, heat resistant, BPA Free materials. Dishwasher safe.


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