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iDesign Linus Stackable Bin For Fridge, Pantry & Home

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Organizing small spaces can be a challenge. With iDesign linus stacking fridge and pantry binz, however, you can easily expand the usable space under sinks, in narrow closets, in school lockers, and elsewhere. Because they are stackable, you can incorporate a customized element that meets the requirements of your specific space. Since items are all in easy reach, there are no more worries with having to carefully remove items on top in order to access those at the bottom.

These clear plastic bins are perfect for helping keep your children's school supplies and toys organized and within reach. Imagine your crafting closet or gift wrapping items all neatly stored and ready-to-use. Items in your pantry will be simple to find, use, and put away. Interdesign linus stacking fridge and pantry binz provide the perfect solution to expanding the usabilty of tight storage spaces.