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Lunch on the Go

Adults and kids alike will enjoy these imaginative homemade lunches created with care – the healthier, tastier and cheaper option.

The new supercharged lunchbox can be so much more than the wafer-thin ham sandwich and packet of crisps from yesteryear. Sandwich recipes include a delicious Asian-style Bánh mì Baguette, a yummy Mexican Burrito or Scandinavian style open sandwiches. If salads are your thing, learn how to make the ultimate Quinoa Salad Jar, as well as warm salads for cold days such as Curried Lentil Salad with Paneer and Spiced Dressing. Try soups like Sweet Potato, Coconut and Ginger soup, Hungarian Goulash with Pasta or homemade Vietnamese Pho for those colder days. And treat your lunchbox to something new with quick and simple recipes for Mini Asparagus and Leek Frittatas, Easy Sushi Wraps or Sausage and Red Pepper Rolls.

Making a big batch of snacks to have for the week is so much healthier than sugar-packed cereal bars: try Spicy Masala Kale Chips, Harissa Hummus or Peanut Butter Popcorn. And if you've room for something sweet, make healthy treats like Orange, Cardamom and Hemp Seed Muffins or indulge in a Fruity Chocolate Flapjack.

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