Maison Berger


Maison Berger Serenity Lamp

The Maison Berger Serenity Lamp makes for a stylish and functional addition to any home. Made of smokey grey transparent lacquered glass, the Maison Berger Serenity Glass has a shiny silver ball mounting and a delicate rounded shape. Designed to circulate and purify the air in your home, the Maison Berger Serenity Lamp can be used to remove unwanted cooking, pet and stale odours quickly and effectively without harmful chemicals. Through diffusion by catalysis, the Masion Berger Serenity Lamp is easy to use. Simply fill the Serenity Lamp with one of the Maison Berger fragrances, insert the wick firmly into the lamp, light the lamp for 2 minutes and place the vented cap on the lamp for 20 minutes.

The Maison Berger Serenity Lamp is made of glass.

  • 392ml capacity
  • Measures 12.5cm


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