Nachtmann Aspen 4 Piece Whisky Tumbler Set

Perfectly suited for sharing a fine drink with family, friends and colleagues, the Nachtmann Aspen Whiskey Tumbler Set of 3 provide a solid and reassuring presence in the hand. The Aspen collection by Nachtmann has been designed to bring a sort of classical elegance to mind, making extensive usage of vertical cuts set around the perimeter of the tumbler that flare out towards the bottom. The result is a striking visual with more than a passing resemblance to the soaring cathedrals that once captivated the European imagination.

Made in Germany, the Nachtmann 4 Piece Aspen Whiskey Tumbler Set is made of high quality lead crystal that lend them an unmatched brilliance captured within the confines of their structure. The 4 Nachtmann Aspen Whisky Tumblers have a 11oz capacity.  

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