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Peugeot Nancy Salt Mill

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The world-renowned French company Peugeot was already a famous manufacturer of non-electric mills. The Peugeot Nancy Salt Mill, in particular, is specially designed to grind dry sea salt crystals. Turn the top knob in an anti-clockwise direction when sprinkling coarse salt. Adjust the size of the crystals by turning the mill upside down, turning the cap counterclockwise to let out a bit of salt, and loosely tightening the top nut to grind down the particles into a fine powder.

The Peugeot Nancy Salt Mill has an internal mechanism made of metal with high-definition grooves cut individually into a metal piece, and then case hardened. This makes your salt mill virtually indestructible. More than this long-lasting quality, Peugeot's salt mills are always made from high quality materials and the beautiful designs are imbued with elegance as well as durable functionality.