Neatfreak Neatkids Contour Hanger

Created just for the unique needs of kids, the Neatfreak Neatkids Contour Hanger easily holds all sizes of children's clothes. Whether you need to hang a special occasion dress, a pair of pants, or a casual shirt, these hangers can easily keep it in place in your child's closet until she is ready to wear it. The lightweight design also helps children to more easily learn how to handle, hang, and care for their own clothes.

The Neatfreak Neatkids Contour Hanger has a contoured design that's functional and aesthetically pleasing. There is a pant bar on each hanger, so suits and coordinated outfits can share a hanger. Two accessory hooks are on each clothes hanger, too, so you can pair accessories with outfits on the hanger.

The Neatfreak Neatkids Contour Hangers comes as package of 10 in one of the following colours, white, sea pink, little boy blue, peridot green, tangerine. Please indicate your preferred colour upon purchase.

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