Neatfreak Retractable Clothes Line

Get your laundry done in style with the Neatfreak Retractable Clothes Line. It can be used outdoors to hang up a few loads of laundry, yet it's also a quick and convenient alternative indoors to facing weather extremes to dry clothes naturally. This attractive, expandable clothes line is made to last for many years, and it even comes with UV protection to make it more durable even when it is placed in the sun for many days over a long time period.

The Neatfreak Retractable Clothes Line mounts to nearly any surface. This is an environmentally sound solution to drying clothes. Use it in a bathroom or any room with hard flooring. You can enlist the help of children when you also hang it low.

Expands up to 15m / 49ft Strong and durable, mounts to any surface.

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