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New Soda Spoon Ups Spoon Rests

Keep your counter tops clean and prevent your cooking utensils from falling into the pot with the New Soda Spoon Ups Spoon Rest Set of 4. These charming little additions to your cooking and baking are available in bright and fun colours and will twist and slide onto spoon handles so you can quickly go about all your tasks without worrying about making a mess or losing a spoon in the pot. Upcycle your favorite cooking utensils and wooden spoons!

Made of BPA free materials, each of the New Soda Spoon Ups Spoon Rest Set of 4 will fit class sized utensils.

The New Soda Spoon Ups Spoon Rests Set of 4 are available in two different colour sets, select from Group A (with the purple triangle) or Group B (with the green triangle). Please indicate your preferred group at time of purchase.

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