Norpro Canning Jar Wrench

Just about every woman, and even some men, have been there … they bring home a jar of jam to put on their pancakes, or a jar of sauerkraut to go with their hot dogs, but when the times comes they can’t open the wretched thing.

Some people try so hard they turn blue in the face, hold the jar under hot or cold water, bang it on the floor, or when all else fails call in the help of a strong neighbor.

Relax, if you have the 20100 Norpro Jar Wrench, you never need to struggle again. The 20100 Norpro Jar Wrench grips any lid of any jar and opens it effortlessly.

Other than opening, the wrench also closes jars, better and tighter than you ever could, keeping your food fresher for longer.

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