Norpro Canning Jelly Strainer

The Norpro Jelly Strainer is the canner's best friend.  An easy to use accessory to strain tough bits out of jelly and jams, the Norpro Jelly Strainer ensures your canned goods are always smooth and delicious.  An easy, hassle-free method to removing seeds, this is a great option for raspberry, blackberry and strawberry jams.  The Norpro Jelly Strainer can be used with a variety of other dishes and can strain soups, sauces and stocks easily.  The 100% cotton bag is reusable and can easily be replaced when worn.  The Norpro Jelly Strainer features a three-pronged base to attach easily to the side of any sized saucepan or skillet, making adding stock or broths a breeze.  Hand wash for continual best performance in soapy, hot water.

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