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Now Designs Meadowland Nesting Metal Mixing Bowl Set

Mix and serve your favorite home made recipes with the Scandinavian inspired Now Designs Meadowland Metal Mixing Bowls Set. The nesting Now Designs Meadowland Mixing Bowls are ideal for baking and cooking, and would be a charming addition to any table top decor. The soft blues and white Meadowland print that adorns the outside of these bowls features a Scandinavian folktale with a bird resting atop of a traditional Dala horse, alongside rabbits, quails and foxes. The mid century modern design will look great in nay home, and would be a perfect gift for any kitchen.

Made of durable metal and featuring an enamel coating, the Now Designs Meadowland Mixing Bowls come in a set of 3. The three sizes include a 4.25qts, 2.5 qts and 1.5qts bowl that will stack one inside the other for easy storage.

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