InterDesign Orbz Sink Mat

The InterDesign Orbz sink mat offers a fun retro design while serving up practicality and protection.  With a non-slip surface the InterDesign Orbz sink mat will protect delicate glassware and china from accidents.  Easily customizable for any size sink drain layout, the Orbz mat offers protection against sharp knives and utensils for metallic finishes and keeps softer metal sinks safe from abrasion and scratches.  The InterDesign Orbz sink mat resists mildew and will air dry thoroughly avoiding entrapment of water and particulates that can cause unpleasant odors.  Perfect for granite sinks, the Orbz mat is a secure surface to guard against falling dishes and heavy objects that can fracture expensive stones, saving you money and headaches.  Durable PVC crafting will provide years of problem-free usage.

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