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OXO Good Grips Bake


OXO Silicone Baking Cups

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Bake your favourite treats without the mess or hassle with the OXO Silicone Baking Cup Set of 12. The silicone baking cups feature convenient tabs that make removing cupcakes and muffins easy.  The Silicone Baking Cups have a batter fill line to ensure that all your treats are the same size. The baking cups can sit in a muffin tin or stand up in a baking sheet.

Made of silicone, the OXO Silicone Baking Cups are non-stick, heat resistant and easy to clean. Dishwasher safe. The OXO Silicone Baking Cups measure 9 x 7.6 x 8.9cm and come in a set of assorted colours.