Polder Fold-Away Dishrack

Choose the Polder Fold-Away Dishrack, for it's space saving innovative design. Perfect for small kitchens, apartments, or for those who want to increase usable counterspace, the Polder Fold-Away Dishrack maximizes drying space and folds up for compact out of sight storage. The Polder Fold-Away Dishrack has an integrated knife block, utensil bin, rust resistant stainless steel rack and a silicone mat, to provide plenty of room for plates, pans, utensils and glassware. Once the dishes and dish drying is complete, the Polder Fold-Away Dish Rack's flexible mat folds over and locks in place.

The Polder Fold-Away Dishrack measures 14" x 18.5" x 4.8" open

  • Wire rack holds up to 8 plates
  • Integrated knife block holds 4 knives
  • Silicone mat measures 12" x 12"
  • Measures 15" x 7" x 3.6" closed

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