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Poseidn 3D Cocktail Bomb 6 Pack, London Fog Earl Grey Tea

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Enjoy the classic drink right at home by using the Poseidn 3D Cocktail Bomb 6 Pack, London Fog Earl Grey Tea!

This bomb uses innovative 3D technology to create a fun and tasty tea to enjoy right at home. Simply drop the bomb into hot water and stir until dissolved. The bomb features a cool bulldog design that will add some charm to teatime.

The Poseidn 3D Cocktail Bomb 6 Pack is a must have caffeinated refreshment. The bombs also make a delicious birthday or holiday gift!

Bomb Profile

  • Classic creamy black tea with hints of vanilla
  • Contains caffeine


  • Pack of 6
  • Does NOT contain alcohol
  • 3D printed in Quebec, Canada
  • Made with all natural ingredients and artificial flavouring
  • Vegan, gluten-free, peanut-free

How To Use

  1. Select your 3D cocktail bomb
  2. Drop into a cup of your favourite hot coffee and stir well
  3. Enjoy!