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Provisions Food Company Shortbread - Parmesan Rosemary

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Delicious to have for any occasion, the Provisions Food Company Short Bread - Parmesan Rosemary is a wonderful addition to your food pantry!

All-natural and free of preservatives, this organic shortbread is as healthy as it is tasty. It features a rich blend of parmesan cheese, rosemary, and complimentary ingredients to deliver a biscuit full of flavour. It works wonderfully well to have as a light snack or to include on cheese boards at your next dinner party.

The Provisions Food Company Shortbread - Parmesan Rosemary makes a great stocking stuffer gift for friends and family during the holiday season!

  • Prepared in Canada
  • 110 g / 10 pieces
  • Ingredients: flour, butter, parmigiano-reggiano, cheese, grano padano cheese, sea salt, black pepper and rosemary
  • Contains wheat, gluten and dairy
  • Glass jar is recyclable
  • All-natural and preservative-free

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