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Quotable Cards


Quotable Cards I Love You

When you want to express how you feel about someone, fewer writers can be trusted with such a huge task like Oscar Wilde, one of the worst most loved poets and authors. This Quoteables I Love You Quotable Card lets your loved one know that he or she is your priority, the most important thing to you, with just the right words.

The cheerful colors and the endearing font also help make this card an appealing choice. You can write your own personalized message inside the card, and further express yourself on the accompanying envelope. You can make the gift even more formal by choosing an accompanying frame to further accentuate the important message that you are conveying to your loved one with this card.

Made in the United States and printed on recycled paper, the Quotables Quotable Cards measure 5" x 5" and come with a simple white envelop.

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