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Quoteables YOU ROCK Quotable Card

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Is there someone in your life that you’d like to tell them just how truly awesome they are? Then consider giving this awesome person the Quoteables YOU Rock Quotable Card. This simple inspirational card features only two words but they are two powerful words. Watch your loved one light up with delight when they read this simple card that says it all.

Inside of your Quoteables YOU ROCK Quotable Card, you could always fill it with all the reasons you think this person rocks and is the most awesome person ever. The Quoteables YOU ROCK Quotable Card should be given to anyone that rocks and is just one of the coolest people to exist.

This is a great card to give to someone who may be feeling down on their self and don’t realize how awesome they truly are or to someone that you feel like saying ‘Thank You’ to. The Quoteables YOU ROCK is made from 100% recycled paper.