Riedel Chardonnay (Montrachet) Wine Glass Set

Expertly crafted with a wider bowl, the Riedel Chardonnay Wine Glass has been designed to allow the bouquet to evolve into a wide range of aromas, bringing out the finer flavors while preventing the wine from becoming overwhelming. Because of this, the Riedel Chardonnay Wine Glass is the perfect companion to varietals such as Montrachet, Morillon, Pouilly-Fuisse, and a late harvest Riesling.

Manufactured with high quality materials, the Riedel Chardonnay Wine Glass is dishwasher safe to ensure clean up is effortless, while providing a resistance to normal wear. Dress your table to impress even the most demanding connoisseur, while you share a glass of fine wine amongst your friends with the Riedel Chardonnay Wine Glass, an investment you should not go without.

Comes as a set of 2 glasses.

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