Riedel Syrah - Shiraz Wine Glass Set

Shiraz is a wine varietal that is preferred by connoisseurs and beginners alike, and to bring out the best of your Syrah wines, the Riedel Syrah-Shiraz Wine Glass is the way to go. Beautifully crafted in fine glass and designed to aerate your wine perfectly without making it lose its aroma and body, the Riedel Syrah-Shiraz Wine Glass will cause an impression each time you bring it out.

The Riedel Syrah-Shiraz Wine Glass is durable and resistant, and is also dishwasher safe, ensuring clean up will be effortless, while providing you with a long lasting glass that won't scratch or crack. Give a touch of style and elegance to all your gatherings with the Riedel Syrah-Shiraz Wine Glass, an investment no wine enthusiast can go without.

Comes as a set of 2 glasses.

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