Romertopf Au Gratin Clay Baker

The Romertopf Au Gratin Clay Baker is the perfect bakeware solution to slow-cooking meals to tender perfection in the oven. Featuring a rustic design with a glazed glossy interior, the Romertopf Au Gratin Clay Baker is ideal for use when preparing various types of stews or casseroles. It’s also great for use with Italian dishes such as lasagna, stuffed shells or ziti and it would make a fabulous baking pan for making homemade baked macaroni and cheese or scalloped potatoes.

This is a versatile piece of bakeware that is guaranteed to bring out the flavors in everything cooked within it. When baking with the Romertopf Au Gratin Clay Baker there is no need to add any oil, butter, or fat to the pan because foods cooked within this durable pan produce plenty of their own natural juices. This high-quality baking pan is safe for the microwave, oven, and dishwasher.


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