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Rosti Mepal Melamine Spatula

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One of the toughest things to cook without ruining cooking utensils due to hot temperatures is hamburgers, but this is not a problem for the Rosti Mepal Melamine Spatula.

As long as you keep temperatures below 356 degrees Fahrenheit when using this stylish spatula to flip burgers with, you’re good to go. The Rosti Mepal Melamine Spatula can in fact withstand temperatures up to 356 degrees Fahrenheit and is also made from materials that were designed to protect non-stick cookware.

If you’ve invested in non-stick cookware then you’ve invested in cookware that needs protection. If not careful whilst cooking with non-stick cookware it can become damaged. That’s a worry you will not have when cooking with the stylish Rosti Mepal Melamine Spatula. Collect all of the Rosti Mepal Melamine cooking utensils for a complete collection!