RSVP Freezer Labels, 100 Ct

When organizing and storing foods in the refrigerator, freezer or the pantry, get organized in style with the innovative solution to labeling foods ready to be stored – the RSVP Freezer Labels. This system has been specifically designed and created to make bag labeling a breeze. These labels are ready for any storage bag, container, or vacuum sealed food that’s ready to be stored.

The RSVP Freezer Labels set includes 100 labels and an easy-to-use convenient label dispensing dispenser. With the availability of 100 labels, it’ll be a long time before you run out of labels to label food with. If you’re tired of storing food and forgetting how long it’s been in the refrigerator, pantry or freezer because you forgot to label it, then you need the RSVP Freezer Labels.

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