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Sayula Agave Pouch

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Get the most out of your bar of soap and use up all those little left over pieces with the Sayula Agave Pouch. Simply place your favorite full bar of soap into the pouch and instantly increase the lather and longevity of your favorite bars of soap. Made of Agave leaves, the Sayula Agave Pouch will help to increase circulation and remove dead skin cells, allowing you to have a spa like treatment right inside the comfort of your own home. The Sayula Agave Pouch measures 12cm / 4.7" x 8cm / 3.15".

 The environmentally friendly and socially responsible Sayula Agave Pouch is made of a plant species that naturally grows in Mexico. The Maguey Agave plant does not require much water, or use of harmful pesticides or fertilizers. Sayula works directly with rural Mexican communities, in an attempt to improve quality of life by providing a stable income and fair market prices that directly benefit people within those communities. The Sayula Agave Pouch is hand knit from a co-operative in Mexico.