Senlis u'Select Salt Mill

The Peugeot Senlis u'Select Salt Mill isn't just a valuable kitchen tool, it's a fashion statement. This salt mill is made of clear acrylic and comes in a contemporary shape. The Peugeot Senlis u'Select Salt Mill has the u'Select grind adjustment system. This means you will be able to set the salt mill to either grind up very fine salt, average salt, or coarse salt. The convenience of this salt mill means that you can now consolidate your kitchen gadgets and spices. You will no longer need to have multiple salt mills in order to get the right grind. The Peugeot Senlis u'Select Salt Mill solves all of these problems. It leaves more space in your spice rack and more room in your cabinets. The ease of use makes it a winner for a salt mill.


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