Shun Classic Bread Knife

Become the samurai of sandwiches with the Shun Classic Bread Knife, a knife so efficient, you will never have to deal with smashed or torn bread again. The low frequency serrated edge of this knife will efficiently cut through crunchy crusts and soft interiors without so much as a single tear. Its upward curve will allow for a wider range of cutting motions so it can be used on all types of bread, including soft pastries.

The Shun Classic Bread Knife is manufactured with the special formula of VG-MAX steel, which ensures you get a long lasting, durable, and sturdy knife that will continue cutting for many years to come. Its beautifully designed layered steel pattern, which guarantees its strength and continued sharpness, combined with the visually appealing finish of its handle, will make for an excellent addition to any table.

Handcrafted in Japan of durable ebony Pakka Wood, the Shun Classic Bread Knife features a hand sharpened 9" (22.9cm) long VG-Max, single-bevel 16 degree stainless steel blade. 



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